A Word About HandMade Art

Distinguishing handmade art from readily available, mass produced, machine made objects are maker’s markings found on almost all handmade, one of a kind pieces especially on wearable art. Those organic strokes of information come together in the creation of each piece revealing technique, tools and personal style that can only be found on handmade art.  Adding to the allure, magic and to the appeal of such objects are in large part the markings imbedded by the artist and her tools, they convey a story and emit an energy that only handmade pieces can.

People that own handmade art are drawn to it precisely because of these marks, they respond to the unique energy emitted by these objects and their delightful quality.  They are drawn to them exactly because of the “imperfections” which they regard as valuable assets that separates them from readily available, mass produced objects.

Unless otherwise stated my art is 100% handmade using age old techniques. Much of the metals that I use are recycled from broken or old pieces, the stones that are incorporated into my art are fair trade stones. The shipping materials that I normally use are also recycled, all in an effort to honor this majestic universe and to leave the shallowest of foot print on this magnificent planet we call home.

Whether you are searching for that Unique, One Of A Kind, Well Made, Heirloom quality piece of Jewelry and Wearable Art or for a Talismanic Ceremonial Object that will delight and inspire you, you are sure to find it here at WISHSEED.  If on the other hand you are looking for “perfection” you probably will prefer mass made objects.

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