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My art like my path of acquiring knowledge, and my views on life and living is eclectic and ever changing  

I have been on an enlightening journey exploring teachings of various cultures, diverse points of view, and different belief systems. I am especially interested in understanding the ways different cultures view life, living, health, healing, and the way these differences influence artistic expression and creative processes.

The foundation of my life and my creative expression is the belief that we are energy beings, creatively expressing energetic flow in unique and magical ways.  In forming this site I meant to not only create a showcase for my art but also to establish throughout the different sections of the site a source of valuable and useful information that I have acquired along my path of learning. I have been fortunate to be educated, mentored and befriended by some of the most inspiring, knowledgeable, and effective experts in the fields of Art and Artistic Expression, Education, Art Therapy,  Color Therapy, Integrated Holistic Therapies, Energy Medicine: Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, Feng Shui and Restorative Environments. These divers encounters and the eclectic education and knowledge base that I have acquired over the years have shaped who I am, how I live my life and how I interact with the world. divers I have come to understand that what I think I want is not necessarily what I need. I have learned that I should trust the process and go with the flow. And most of all I believe that have learned the true meaning of compassion and love. My hope is that by passing to you some of what I have learned I can help expand the circle of like minded people, and that I will touch your life in a positive and constructive way and make it better.

Along this fascinating journey of learning which at times revealed unexpected lessons I learned different means and forms of creative and artistic expression. As I progress through my path of learning it became clear to me that as long as our intention is to cause no harm to another in our pursuit of creative expression, fulfillment and happiness there is not just one correct way of being, doing, or creating.  The ways to be, live and create are as unlimited and as diverse as the shape of clouds in a crisp spring sky and the sounds of a warm summer night.

It is my belief that all creation and manifestation begin as a thought followed by as an intention, that all thoughts and intentions become energetic forms in space, and that as such they affect all there is. In my view for any object to become functional or effective the clarity of the intention that directs its design and its creation is important, especially as it relates to the purpose for which it is being created, and to its intended uses. I believe that when it comes to the creation or the use of amulets, talismanic jewelry, and ceremonial objects clear intention is essential since by their designation and usage these objects can become “power tools” for transformation.

It became clear to me that all forms of creative expression are a reflection of one’s inner landscape, and that even though we all possess various degrees of talent and competencies each and every one of us is a creative energy-being expressing their truth and artistic vision in unique and personal ways all of which are meaningful and of value.

I find the creative process and the act of creating to be the most powerful meditation I have ever explored or experienced. As I perform my art I naturally move into a state unlike any other, a state where material and spirit are integrated with ease and grace, a sate that lends itself to an unrestricted flow of ideas and abilities resulting in lucid awareness, a state in which I feel supported, connected, and at peace.

Since I can remember objects of meaning have always sparked my sense of wonder and curiosity.  My professional passion became creating handmade jewelry with an emphasis on amulets, talismans, and spiritual wearable art.  With time,  as I gained a deeper understanding of the energetic influences in and on our lives I begun to also design and create talismanic sentinels and ceremonial/ritualistic objects. I believe that amulets, talismans and ceremonial objects are the link between the material world, the inner spirit and the universal consciousness; as such they hold within them and omit powerful energy. My designs draw on the multitude of universal power images and symbols. My art embraces the expression and blend of different cultures, belief systems and mythologies.

Throughout history, in every region, culture and philosophy man used objects, which were deemed powerful protectors in an effort to protect the individual or the mass against known and unknown evil forces and danger. As time passes most of these objects naturally and continuously evolve and change, reflecting some of the changes in people’s lives and in society as a whole. Every culture tends to express and reinforce its values, beliefs and need for self- preservation through their art and rituals, especially through the use of amulets, talismans, and ceremonial objects as their protective ‘Power Tools’. Over time some images became universally accepted, used and interpreted as symbols of protection, power, support and nurturing.

My art honors the essence and historic connections of the symbols and images that inspired my designs while also reflecting my own creative interpretations. I ground my designs on the energy healing principles for body, mind, spirit and the space we inhabit. In my designs I use images and symbols that have a personal meaning to me and I assemble them based on my opinion of the best way they will reflect their symbolic meaning and power. I incorporate a wide array of elements and techniques into each piece that is created in my studio and pay special attention to the energetic compatibilities of the elements that make up each design.

I invite you to add your own interpretation based on your personal tribal heritage and beliefs to mine. I also encourage you to decide for yourself how best to use the symbols and amulets in your daily life, there by turning your wearable art into your own personal protective “power tools”.

All of my talismanic jewelry and sentential art pieces are individually designed and hand crafted in my studio. Each amulet or talisman I create is a one of a kind original. The components that I design and incorporate into my art are substantial in weight and most are three-dimensional. I like you to be able to feel my art, there by engaging you sense of touch for a more complete and satisfying experience.  Natural, Fair Trade Precious and Semi Precious Stones and Beads and also Lampwork Glass Beads are incorporated into some of my designs. The Lampwork beads that I use are all One Of a Kind Hand Crafted pieces or Glass Art made by some of the best American lampwork artists.

Unless otherwise stated you will not find wire wrapping or pigtails as part of my creations. The lampwork glass beads or even the precious and semi-precious beads that are part of my art are all incorporated with pieces that are soldered!  I know of no one else that takes the time or risk involved in soldering next to a glass or precious beads. The process of soldering next to a bead is extremely time consuming and requires much skill. It also means that once in a while I loose beads to the heat. However, I feel that the end result makes it worth my effort and offers you a true solid piece of art.

I strive to offer you, my customer, a pleasant and satisfying experience and many years of joy from my art and designs. I hope you have as much fun with my wearable art and ceremonial objects as I have in creating them for you, and that every time you look at them or touch them your life will be infused with magic and delight.

I will be pleased to design and create an individual piece that best suits you. If there is an object or component you see in my collection that you would wish for me to modify or personalize in order to fit your needs please contact me!

All of my designs are copyrighted exclusive originals.

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